Origin Story

Michelle-Rober is a brand that is strongly committed to empowering people to be confident with exactly who they are.

We have decided that our voice is to spread a message of love, and confidence. This all started with our need to stop hiding/denying who we were. A deep need to want people to be 100% authentic in who they are. We believe each of us is born with a gift, once found it can be used to fuel our passion in life. For Michelle-Rober, their passion is building confidence, showing love, and compassion in ourselves, our children, our community, as well as in others. "If we remember that being our true selves is the most amazing gift we can give to ourselves, and the world, it will make life so much more beautiful. We intend to bring that awareness out through fashion, and everything we do.

"Be you. Be confident. Be #CAPEABLE."  Michelle-Rober

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6844 Quinpool rd

Halifax, NS

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