Educate For Education this is our second impact event. This event we want to draw attention to our past by taking the time to reflect on our country's involvement is systematic racism. Understanding it takes time for change, but change never happens unless someone takes the lead. We wanted to provide a platform where we can draw massive attention and see direct impact on someone's future. That is why we will be lighting the sky up with beautiful paper lanterns. Each lantern will have a special message written by you, when you sponsor a lantern. Please click on the link to get involved in this epic event.




Allies 4 Black Lives Canada Day March This was our first official Impact Event. After the death of George Floyd we realized we needed to act, not being Racist is no longer enough, we need to be ACTIVELY Anti-Racist!

We’re trying to keep the momentum has never been greater.
We need to keep going, keep talking, and ACT. We realized that we had a voice, and a responsibility to use our voice for the purpose of making real change. This is wrong, plain and simple. It’s time EVERYONE stands together and says NO MORE. WE DEMAND THEY HAVE THEIR CIVIL RIGHTS AND FREEDOMS AS PROMISED NO JUSTICE, NO PEACE. Do things that change the path, stand up to racism, see something, say something, NO BYSTANDERSDiversifying your life is the only way to REAL change.
We are using our platform to amplify Black and Indigenous Voices. The time to change is NOW!
We are committed long term, we are ready to DO OUR PART.